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In 2000 – The technological diversification strategy

In 2001, Ernst & Young nominates Paolo della Porta ‘Entrepreneur of the year’, a title that serves to strengthen the image of SAES Getters worldwide. This decade marks a moment of great change for the entire company. New acquisitions give way to new organizational assets, further propelling the company’s policy of innovation and diversification to comprehend an even wider technological portfolio of advanced materials.

SAES steps into the field of Shape Memory Alloys (SMA).

In 2008 SAES acquires Nitinol production facilities in New Hartford from Special Metals Corp. forming SAES Smart Materials. In the same year SAES also acquires Memry Corporation, a USA company with high competency in Nitinol metallurgy. Saes completed thus the joint company’s Nitinol offering by adding a capability in semi-finished products (wire, tube, strip and sheet) along with advanced engineering technologies and precision Nitinol components for the medical device industry.
The Group competences in the materials sciences combined with acquired facilities made SAES a recognized benchmark in the sector and the first producer of SMA components and materials for industrial use.