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In 2010 – Exploring the latest technologies

In 2012 SAES Getters joins forces with the German company Alfmeier to create the equal joint venture in Germany, Actuator Solutions GmbH, to produce components based on SMA technology. In 2014 the joint venture wins the ‘German Innovation Award’ in the category of ‘medium-sized enterprises’. At the same time, the Research & Development lab of the company develops innovative hybrid technologies with getter materials embedded in polymeric matrices, initially focusing on the development of dispensable absorbers for the application of organic electronics, in particular, displays and OLED sources (Organic Light Emitting Diodes).

Over time, the technological platform of functional chemicals developed to manage internal atmospheric dynamics  finds its application in other sealed devices such as pacemakers or new generation x-ray detectors, before starting to be used in active food packaging too.

In 2016 SAES Getters acquired part of SAES Rial Vacuum S.r.l., with the objective of further implementing its planning activities as well as the production of vacuum chambers (an essential feature for the production of synchrotrons and particle accelerators).

In the same year SAES Getters also takes over 70% of the company Metalvuoto with the aim of competing in the active food packaging market. In 2018 SAES acquired the remaining 30% of the shares. The company, now renamed into SAES Coated Films, is offering innovative and complete packaging solutions based on  the development of high-performance active coating for flexible plastic films, with the focus on biocompatibility and a low environmental impact features.