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SAES Getters Korea Policy

SAES Getters Korea Policy

SAES Getters Korea, as a member of Saes, is following up not only customer satisfaction, but also continual improvement in safety levels for all parties involved, as well as to protection of the environment, has chosen to consider the following principles as fundamental elements of its Quality, Environmental Policy.

  1. Full observance of contractual terms and all national and international laws and regulations governing protection of the environment and social responsibility.

  2. Safeguard of the health and safety of all employees as a primary value and commitment to research of the best technologies and procedures in order to continually improve working conditions.

  3. Full support for all activities aimed in preventing pollution, reducing waste of energy resources and materials, encouraging responsible use of all natural resources and promoting projects to recycle/reuse waste materials and products.

  4. Quality in the sense of efficiency and excellence of the results obtained, developing a process approach.

  5. Strong spirit of innovation and constant attention to continual improvement in the quality of products, technologies, processes and relative environmental performances.

  6. Continual commitment in developing a company awareness strongly oriented on prevention rather than correction of defects.

  7. Individual and collective responsibility for Quality of their own work, with the common objective of customer satisfaction.

  8. Constant development and enhancement of all human resources.

Last update: March 31, 2006