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SAES Getters S.p.A. Policy

Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Safety, Ethics

SAES Getters S.p.A, the headquarters company of the SAES Group, operates on a world-wide basis in the fields of research, engineering, production, and marketing of “gettering” materials and components, polymeric dryer composite, metal dispensers, purification systems for specialty gases and NiTinol materials for industrial applications., deeply convinced that the progress of the Group is closely linked, first, to customer  and interesd parties satisfaction, chosen to adopt the following principles as fundamental elements of its Integrated Quality, Environmental, Safety, and Ethics policy: 

1.      Satisfy and anticipate, and when possible exceed customer expectations, developing and manufacturing sustainable and profitable products that support their technological development, complying with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and  Social responsibility, and to all other prescriptions SAES getter SpA may subscribe.

2.     Develop an effective and efficient process approach, based on “risk based thinking”, through the continuous monitoring of the system’s key indicators

3.     Promote protection of the Environment, by minimizing the use of natural resources and hazardous chemicals, reducing waste production, encouraging recycling with respect to disposal, promoting environmentally friendly  product and process design according to a “Life cycle Thinking” approach

4      Support internal growth of a strong innovation spirit and constant attention to continuous improvement of the products quality, technologies, processes, working environments and of the related environmental performances, paying always higher attention to health and safety of employees, external and customer workers, focusing on a “zero defects” and ”zero injuries” target.

5.     Commit in developing a corporate culture strongly oriented to defect prevention rather than correction, based on factual data, always more supporting decision-making processes

6.     Create inside the company unity of purposes and sharing in order to reach Quality, Environment and Safety goals

7.     Promote and value human resources operating in the company, encouraging training and information activity at all levels, whit specific focus on the risks related to the each employee activity

8.     Develop close cooperative relations with suppliers and interested parties with the goal to maximize value creation and every party benefits, and to spread an Environment, Safety and Ethics culture


Last update: October 13rd, 2016