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SAES Pure Gas, Inc. Policy

SAES Pure Gas, Inc. Policy

SAES Pure Gas is committed in satisfying and exceeding customer needs and expectations by supplying reliable, state of the art “UHP components and gas purification systems” at competitive prices. This target is achieved by:


−     Effective and efficient processes through the control of costs and key performance indicators

−     Continuous improvement as result of a sound Quality Management System

−     Promoting employee awareness and professional growth through training, communication and involvement

−     Maintaining a profitable operation supplying reliable products through a flexible & lean organization

−     Continually improving our competitiveness fully supporting customer innovation needs

−     Identifying and addressing risks that could potentially affect product and service compliance.


SAES Pure Gas is an environmentally conscious and socially responsible organization that protects human health, the environment, natural resources and the community.


Last update: August 16, 2004