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SAES Getters S.p.A. Policy Avezzano

SAES Getters S.p.A. Policy Avezzano

SAES Getters SpA – Avezzano Unit, operating worldwide in the design and production of alloys and getter devices, metal dispensers, oxygen dispensers, products for gas purification systems, getter and ion pumps, components based on superelastic alloys, wires of shape memory alloys for Automotive applications, products for consumer electronics, deeply convinced that its growth is closely linked to the satisfaction of customers and interested parties, has chosen to consider Quality, Environment, Safety as fundamental elements of its integrated policy and Ethics the following principles:

1. Satisfy, anticipate and as far as possible exceed the customer's needs by developing and creating profitable and sustainable products that support technological innovation, in compliance with the rules, social responsibility, applicable laws and regulations, the environment, and all other provisions signed with the interested parties.

2. Develop an approach based on "risk-based thinking" (a way of thinking based on risk analysis) for the definition and monitoring of effective and efficient organizational processes, in which the Key performance indicators are reviewed annually by Top Management as part of the commitment to the continuous improvement program.

3. Promote environmental protection by minimizing the use of natural resources and dangerous substances in products and production processes, encouraging recycling rather than disposal, promoting their ecological design according to the life cycle thinking approach. Our goal is to maintain the level of energy consumption and improve the monitoring and reliability of environmental data.

4. Support the growth of a corporate culture strongly focused on prevention rather than correction by implementing the voluntary standards ISO 9001:2015, IATF:2016 and ISO 14001:2015 and promoting data-driven decision making.

5. Internally support the growth of a strong spirit of innovation and attention to the quality of products, technologies and processes, with particular attention to the health and safety of employees, external workers and customers. Our goal is to try to constantly improve the efficiency and quality performance of the product, and to have zero accidents at work.

6. Promote and develop the human resources who work in the company by encouraging training and information at all levels.

7. Develop solid cooperative relationships with suppliers and interested parties, with the aim of maximizing value creation, creating mutually beneficial opportunities and promoting the dissemination of an environmental, safety and ethical culture.