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Active Grease

A dryer functionalized and solventless silicone, for many applications in the construction, electrical, electronics industries. It is used for waterproofing, insulating, sealing and potting.

Active Grease includes irreversible moisture getter function, to pro­tect the equipment from oxidation or any other damages due to moisture permeation. Its capacity is 9.6% wt, meaning that it is able to sorb almost 10% of its weight of moisture coming from the external environment, preventing water to get in contact with the sen­sitive parts of the equipment, for a very long time. This getter functionality is an added feature to the already high barrier properties of the Active Grease, which protect the device from moisture, also when the dryer gets fully saturated.


Active Grease can be applied directly on the equipment or device, without any additional processing steps.



  • Dryer functionalized silicone
  • Barrier for moisture
  • High moisture sorption capacity to extend waterproof protection
  • Solvent-free, no loose particles
  • Ready to use: no additional processing required




  • Sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers
  • Power stations and distribution systems
  • Waterproofing
  • Electrical equipment protection
  • Sealing in construction industry
  • Electronics and power electronics