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Food Packaging

Food Packaging

The Saes, world leader in electronic and industrial gas management solutions, is now applying its advanced functional materials platform also to high barrier coatings and high performance functional films for food packaging.

What is in common between an OLED display and a juicy T-Bone steak or a dried soup? At a first sight, one could easily say nothing. But if we focus our attention to one of their most important characteristics, the shelf life, we are making a decisive step towards the right answer: it is all a matter of packaging!

SAES, thanks to its advanced functional materials based on polymer composite technology, produces water-based and solvent-free lacquers, whereas 90% of lacquers on the market are solvent-based. Through the compostable films by SAES Coated Films,  Saes proposes innovative and technologically advanced solutions to guarantee more performance, more sustainability and more value to the packaging market.

Starting from the current range of SAES Coated Films products, we are working to introduce a new generation of active packaging, to be adopted when the content of the package requires controlled atmosphere. SAES technology allows for the introduction of gas scavengers into the composition of a film granting excellent barrier properties to oxygen, water vapor and enabling active coating according to customer needs.

SAES Coated Films by its products also allows the reduction of CO2, thanks to the removal of aluminum and the reduction of thickness, thus opening up the possibility of moving to a single material to achieve 100% recyclability.

Special lacquers are designed to absorb or block gases affecting the metabolism of the food, for example by integrating the oxygen-scavenger functionality in the formulation. Applied by means of high-speed coating, SAES lacquers make the packaging able to exert not only the conventional protective function, but also to guarantee the increase of the product shelf life. This is achieved via specific interactions with the internal and external atmosphere, without the need of  preservative additives. All of this while simultaneously reducing the packaging thickness, allowing the elimination of multilayer films, and making the final product completely recyclable. In fact, differently from what happens with multilayer materials,  a PE, PP or PET film coupled to SAES lacquers will always be fully recyclable.

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