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Irreversible, high capacity and kinetics dryer for OLEDS and Organic Electronics, in general. It can be dispensed by syringe or blading on  glass, metal or plastic surfaces. Due to its viscosity it can be applied by screen printing, blading or syringe.

DryPaste dryer family includes a choice of different sorption kinetics, moisture capacity and base matrices. Several types and sizes of syringe/cartridge are available as well, in order to make this product usable on any automatic, semi-automatic or manual dispensing machine.



  • Handling and dispensing in air
  • High moisture sorption capacity
  • Thermally curable
  • High flexibility
  • Solvent-free



  • Active Matrix OLED displays
  • Passive Matrix OLED displays
  • OLED lighting systems
  • Organic photovoltaic devices
  • Organic sensors
  • OFETs
  • OLETs
  • Organic lasers
  • Flexible organic devices