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A family of modified epoxy barrier adhesives, with high flexibility and different degrees of dryer capacity and transparency. These are solventless, thermally or UV curable formulations, available in different versions and formats, to best suit specific final applications.

FlexGlooTM is an easy replacement of high performance edge sealants, boosting barrier properties and full flexibility, without delamination. 


  • Mechanical properties designed flexible electronics
  • High barrier properties for H2O or O2 and full flexibility, without delamination
  • Compatible with both rigid and plastic surfaces
  • To be used as an active coating or as an active edge sealant in flexible type dam-and-fill encapsulation
  • Solvent free
  • Thermally or UV curable versions



  • Active and Passive Matrix OLED displays
  • OLED lighting systems
  • Organic or flexible photovoltaic devices
  • Sensors
  • Plastic and hybrid electronics/optoelectronics devices
  • Electrochromic devices