SAES Getters (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. Policy

Complying with the applicable National Environmental laws and regulations, and the established SAES standards, SGN, regional centre for the SAES Group in China, will provide valued getter products and services, as well as promote SAES products through continuous improvement.

This will satisfy the customers’ requirements, providing customers’ highest satisfaction while optimizing long-term shareholders’ values in China.


We will:

  1. Adequately train and educate all SGN employees to foster an environment conscious culture
  2. Implement and practice waste reduction programs and recycling of material
  3. Create a safe, healthy and environmental friendly work place in SGN
  4. Actively support and participate in community’s environmental programs to become an environmental friendly corporate citizen
  5. Advise and educate our customers on the safe use of our products and services to avoid industrial accidents, if necessary, establish emergency preparedness for industrial accident prevention and clean operating environment


Last update: December 25, 2007