SAES products for Renewable Energy

SAES products for more efficient solution

SAES products are enhancing the efficiency and reliability of Renewable Energy. By integrating advanced technologies and smart designs, these products aim to maximize energy output, reduce costs, and ensure consistent performance.

Vacuum thermal insulation to maximize the energy storage efficiency

The unique features of getter pills are making them a standard in the new energy economy market. Learn more in this video.

SAES products for a better encapsulation in Photovoltaic panels

SAES’ Active Dryers and Sealants are designed to improve the encapsulation of photovoltaic panels. These innovative products enhance panel performance by effectively managing moisture and other detrimental elements. SAES Active Dryers offer high-capacity moisture absorption, while the advanced sealants provide robust barrier properties, ensuring long-term stability and efficiency of photovoltaic systems.

SAES products for Hydrogen storage

Lothar+ is the innovative plug-in solution to extend service life and improve vacuum thermal insulation in cryogenic applications.

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