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Politiche SAES Smart Materials, Inc.

Politiche SAES Smart Materials, Inc.

SAES Smart Materials establishes these foundation statements on quality:


As a member of the SAES Getters Group, SAES Smart Materials will be the leading manufacturer and supplier of shape memory alloys, smart materials and high purity alloys for medical and industrial applications.


We will maximize shareholder and stakeholder profits by consistently meeting all customer requirements and continually enhancing customer satisfaction.

1. Our customers are our primary focus and we will strive to both satisfy and exceed their expectations.

2. We are committed to effectively using our quality management system to design & develop, manufacture and sell our products.

3. We will provide all necessary resources to enable and empower our employees to work to their greatest potential in support of our mission.

4. We expect every employee to perform in a manner that maintains our customer focus.

5. We will work to identify and combine all process and system information in a manner that increases organizational effectiveness.

6. We will use objective information and factual decision making to support continual performance improvement and market growth.

7. SSM decision making will be based on the best information available considering our capabilities and resources.

8. SSM will work to develop close relationships with its suppliers and business partners, the goal being to maximize the creation of value.


Last update: March 23, 2016