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Lothar is a selective getter for Hydrogen and it was designed especially for use in super-insulated containers and pipes for transportation and storage of liquid gases (LNG, LN2, LH2, LOX … ). It is an efficient, cost effective and safe getter solution to extend the service life and improve thermal insulation performances of cryogenic applications.



  • Large sorption capacity for Hydrogen
  • Safe for use in Liquid Oxygen tanks
  • No activation required
  • Ready for use. It is supplied in measured quantities contained in porous bags; no need to handle, weigh and package loose powder or small beads



  • Cryogenic tanks and dewars for storage and transportation of liquid gases
  • Vacuum insulated cryogenic pipes
  • Vacuum insulated cryostats for HT Superconducting Cables
  • Devices with a vacuum jacket, where activation of a getter at high temperature is not possible.