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Information and entertainment displays (Computers, TV and then personal electronics) have been very important industries over the last 70 years, dramatically changing people’s lives and continuously evolving through harnessing new technologies and setting the highest standards.


From its inception, the Saes has been developing advanced technological innovation, products and services for the information display marketplace. For more than 70 years, ever since the introduction of consumer CCTVs, SAES Getters has been fostering the most important and cutting-edge phases of the evolution of the entire information display industry.

The future of flat panel TVs is expected to benefit from new developments of displays based on Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED): slim and thin structure, crisp colors, fast response times and low energy consumption will enable new functionalities of TVs in close connection with multimedia and internet applications. SAES is able to extend the lifetime of new OLED TVs by the development of dispensable dryers (DryPaste® product family), that can be used in different production processes with various final characteristics, such as the optical transparency in the visible range (AqvaDry® product family). In specific configurations of  OLED stacks, SAES is also producing special dopants such as sophisticated dispensers of alkaline metals to enhance  OLED electrical performance.


SAES is also supporting new generations of flat panels, such as e-paper and electrophoretic displays for tablets or mobile applications, by providing advanced dispensable edge sealants together with dispensable dryers.