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Electronics devices include a wide variety of products, spanning from hermetically sealed, vacuum-based to semi-hermetic, gas filled configurations.

Vacuum tubes are the basis for a variety of devices to transmit, detect and amplify signals of different kinds such as radio, optical or electrical.


Since its inception,  the Saes has contributed to this industry by developing:

• The most advanced getter solutions to ensure high reliability and long lifetimes,
• Dispenser cathodes of different sizes to provide a consistent electron beam,
• Alkaline metal dispensers ROHs compliant to create a photosensitive surface when required. 


In the microwave and power tube industry, the Saes is a key partner to guarantee consistent and constant performances in scientific, defense, avionics and telecommunication applications.


The Saes provides advanced porous getters as well as dispenser cathodes for all types of X-rays tubes used for medical, testing, security and scientific applications.

In order to phase out harmful environmental gases such as SF6, vacuum interrupters and switches are gaining more and more market acceptance in the power grid distribution industry:  getters from the Saes are among the key components for these vacuum based devices.

The Saes produces alkali metal sources ROHs compliant capable of releasing high purity alkali metal vapors in an extremely controllable way, thus enabling the industry to produce highly sensitive alkali photocathodes, which are key components of night vision tubes, X-ray image intensifiers and photomultipliers. Small cathodes and getters from the Saes are also contributing to enhance the performances of ion gas lasers.


The technology evolution has transitioned devices from a vacuum environment to packaging in a hermetically sealed protected atmosphere. The Saes has contributed to this evolution by providing innovative and small footprint hydrogen getters for microwave GaAs devices, and novel dryer solutions for optical fiber signal amplifiers, modulators and emitters.

The Saes is therefore a stable factor in this industry, supporting traditional vacuum based devices and working hard to provide  technical solutions for  the next generation of solid state devices.


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