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Purification systems & Semiconductor Equipment

Purification systems & Semiconductor Equipment

Gas Purification is a cornerstone for virtually all the semiconductor industry processes. SAES Group is a key supplier of this important and double-digit growing industry.


SAES solutions have greatly helped the industry to keep pace with Moore’s Law, overcoming the challenges posed by the increasing integration and miniaturization of components. 

The Group has reached a leading position in the engineering and manufacturing of bulk and point-of-use gas purifiers through its member company SAES Pure Gas Inc.
SAES Pure Gas offers solutions for silicon and compound semiconductor processes, optical fibers manufacturing, welding and purging applications, and also for zero and reference gas for analytical systems.

SAES large gas purification solutions are applied at facility level while point-of-use gas purifiers are installed close to the process.


Spectra-Mat, Inc., a member company of the SAES Group, also serves the semiconductor industry as a prime manufacturer of low expansion composite (LEC) components which provide thermal management solutions for sophisticated applications where high reliability and high performance are required, such as High Power Semiconductor Lasers and High Brightness LED. (