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Superelastic Medical Devices

Superelastic Medical Devices


Superelastic materials that are highly compatible with the human body are increasingly being used in medical devices.


Thanks to its extraordinary properties, Nitinol has opened significant markets in a growing list of medical applications, including widely used implantable and one-time use medical devices.

Nitinol’s unusual ability to accommodate large mechanical strain (so called superelasticity), combined with its compatibility with the human body, has made it one of the most commonly used materials in medical devices, especially devices used in minimally-invasive procedures.

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Memry Corporation, a company in the Saes, is a world leader in medical and industrial applications requiring Nitinol alloys and complex manufacturing processes. With decades of steadily increasing competency in Nitinol metallurgy and manufacturing of complex precision components, we partner with our customers developing advanced medical devices utilizing Nitinol by providing Nitinol components and material for a large variety of applications.


Memry’s major medical markets and applications are:

• Interventional cardiology and neuroradiology (Angioplasty balloon shafts, stents, stent grafts, coils and delivery systems)
• Cardiovascular surgery, general surgery and laparoscopic surgery (Valve sizers, tissue retractors, instrument components and specimen retrieval systems)
• Orthopedics, spine and sports medicine (Bone staples, bone screws, scoliosis rods, suture retrievers and k-wires)
• Urology, gastrointestinal, otolaryngology and obstetrics/gynecology - (Snares, graspers, esophageal stents and sinus implants)
• Dental (Arch wires, orthodontic clips)


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