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Vacuum Insulated Devices

Vacuum Insulated Devices

Vacuum Thermal Insulation is growing in terms of technology acceptance and market success.

It is required in many industrial fields, where it plays an essential role in ensuring the successful and cost effective operation of systems such as:

  • Offshore oil drilling with steam injection,
  • Cryogenic  liquid gas storage  and transportation,
  • Oil and gas pipelines in very harsh environmental conditions,
  • Solar Thermal Collectors for electricity production.

Vacuum Thermal Insulation is also widely used in everyday life to improve the standards of living providing, for example,  better insulation in vacuum bottles for the storage of liquids or in household appliances such as refrigerators and water heaters. Improved insulation in building and in the food and medical cold transportation chain is also being increasingly addressed by the industry.


To meet the needs of global clients,  Saes has developed a portfolio of getters solutions which can maintain the proper vacuum level in a broad range of vacuum insulated devices.