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Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics



Consumer electronics is pervasive in every aspect of our daily life: it makes many of our tasks easier, it entertains us, it increases our productivity and our ability to communicate and express ourselves. 


SAES is actively enabling the further miniaturization of mobile phones by the breakthrough development and manufacturing of miniaturized actuators, based on NiTi thin wires (20 microns diameter), to operate the lenses of cameras. These ultrathin NiTi wires can have other functionalities within laptops, tablets and other consumer electronic applications.


SAES is also offering solutions for hermetically vacuum sealed MEMS such as gyroscopes, resonators and infra-red sensors, that enable positioning and thermal vision of mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The reliability and consistency of these micro sensors is made possible by the use of a thin getter film on a silicon wafer (PageWafer).


Most consumer electronic devices have a visual interface in the form of a display: SAES started in the Colour Cathode Ray Tubes TV industry, where it is still the leading supplier of evaporable getters to maintain the vacuum. Later, as technology transitioned, SAES moved to the supply of mercury dispensers for the backlight systems of LCD TVs and displays. Today SAES is still pioneering new innovative solutions for displays, for example dispensable driers for OLED TVs. Moreover, the micro projectors in portable devices will likely use material specifically developed by SAES for the thermal management of high power LEDs.


SAES R&D activities are also targeting flexible and wearable electronic devices, for example innovative material solutions for energy storage in portable devices is a long term development target.



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