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Renewable energy  & Thermal Insulation

Renewable energy & Thermal Insulation

General awareness is growing worldwide that the resources of our planet are not unlimited and that economic growth and new technology development must be linked with sustainability. Focus on renewable energies (photovoltaic, thermal solar), more efficient energy storage technologies, energy saving devices and developments of electric mobility are strategic to cut the production of CO2 and the consumption of fossil fuels.


The Saes is fully engaged in supporting the “green challenge”: Saes products have been used in vacuum solar collectors for water heating and energy generation for decades. Moreover, leveraging on its  expertise in getter technology, special metallurgy and in recent breakthroughs in polymer technology , SAES is proposing innovative and enabling solutions the photovoltaic manufacturing industries, to guarantee required lifespan and improve performances. 


Together with energy generation, energy storage is another industry where Saes is investing to provide gas management solutions, for example within capacitors, super capacitors, battery-packs and lithium ion batteries.


Vacuum Thermal Insulation is required in many industrial fields, where it plays an essential role in ensuring the successful and cost effective operation of large systems such as those for oil drilling, cryogenic liquid gas storage or energy production. Vacuum insulation is also used in refrigeration technologies, thermal bottles and building insulation.The variety of applications suggests different insulation technologies for which the Saes has developed specific products and solutions. These include a multitude of NEG devices able to operate in a broad vacuum range, from 10-6 / 10-1 mbar.