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Semiconductor devices (NAND, Flash, and DRAM Memory) are today’s cornerstone of every microelectronic product: their commercial success and technical development roadmap is based on further shrinking the device size to reduce power consumption and add extra features.

For over 30 years, SAES purification technologies enabled semiconductor manufacturing processes by offering a complete portfolio of gas purification solutions for both bulk and specialty gases. SAES gas purifiers can handle a wide variety of different gas flow rates from the entire facility level to Point-of-Use (POU) applications directly inside the semiconductor manufacturing equipment. 

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In recent years, SAES developed unique technologies to purify and certify compressed dry air (XCDA) for the latest generation of photolithographic and metrology/inspection tools. SAES Group is also enabling new technical development in the semiconductor testing and inspection systems with new compact and lightweight getter vacuum pumps.


For the back end processes of semiconductor manufacturing, SAES developed a new innovative technology to deposit a thin getter film on Si wafers (PageWafer) that provides solutions for the vacuum packaging of miniaturized Micro Electro Mechanical Sensors (MEMS) for inertial or infrared sensors for automotive, domotic and consumer applications.

SAES is also contributing to the reliability of discrete packaged semiconductor devices with a thin getter film on a metallic lid (PageLid), or with CTE matched thermal management alloys based on WCu for high power semiconductor lasers.

For other packages where optical parts are affected by moisture, for example sensors or projection displays based on silicon technologies, SAES has developed and is supplying dispensable dryer materials.


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