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In some applications, there is the need to dispense metal vapors or simply vapors in order to enable or increase the performances of a devices. SAES has developed and commercialized a range of dispensers to address different final applications taking into accounts the manufacturing process (SAES dispensers are stable during the manufacturing process without any vapor release) as well as the device’s constraints.


SAES is offering the following dispensers:

  • Mercury dispensers to release mercury in a reproducible and consistent way for linear fluorescent lamps, for circular fluorescent lamps, for compact fluorescent lamps, for UV lamps and for cold cathodes fluorescent lamps;
  • Alkali metals dispensers (Na, Li, Ca, Cs, Rb, K) to improve the efficiency of electron injection in the organic layers of OLEDs or to create photosensitive surfaces for night vision systems, for image intensifiers, for photomultipliers, for surface science experiments and for atomic clocks;
  • Oxygen dispensers are used in some high intensity discharge lamps to dispense vapors of oxygen that is able to burn hydrocarbons that are responsible for the blackening of the burner.