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Functional Coatings

Functional Coatings

Saes’s functional coatings enable the development of a variety of products such as high-barrier films, for example for food packaging applications, and other special coating solutions able to provide a variety of properties in several fields of application.  

The combination of SAES unique expertise in top-down and bottom-up chemistry with polymer formulation and state-of-the-art mixing technologies is generating a number of new advanced functional materials and solutions in the fields of food packaging and perm-selectivity, hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces as well as in gas sensing and new market-driven applications.

These developments are often involving partnerships with customers and research organizations to achieve the targets through fast, objective-oriented collaborations.

SAES Functional Coatings are exploited at present mostly as barrier coatings to develop barrier films for flexible packaging applications, from food to home&personal care to nutraceutical and pharma packaging. For instance, in these markets we presently provide coatings with oxygen gas barrier and aroma barrier properties, obtained from sustainable water-based lacquers, that guarantee the recyclability or compostability features of the final packaging.

Our R&D labs are also developing new advanced functional materials to be coated on the most diverse surfaces, from home appliances with anti-microbial function to book covers and pages for the creation of special effects and features.



  • Sustainable water-based formulations
  • Compatibility with an extended variety of substrates (PE, PP, PA, PET, PLA and other biodegradable substrates)
  • Recyclability
  • Compostability
  • High gas barrier properties
  • Transparency
  • Enabling downgauging of the final packaging
  • Mechanical stability and compatibility with lamination process
  • Printability