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By leveraging the core competence in special metallurgy and industrial high volume production capabilities, SAES Getters, as a Shape Memory Alloys (SMA)/Nitinol world leader supplier and manufacturer, offers a highly diversified product portfolio of Nitinol trained wires, Nitinol springs and components, serving any need around industrial and medical applications.


  • In-house vertically integrated process, from ingot to shape memory component manufacturing
  • 100% on-line actuator wires quality control (patented)
  • Full flexibility in product mix
  • Know-how on shape memory/Nitinol component implementation in final devices
  • Dedicated R&D SMA department available to support your project
  • ISO TS 16949:2009 certified company - for SMA/Nitinol components (CISQ Automotive)
  • Actuator Nitinol wire mass production for high volume industrial applications

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