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Active Fillers

Active Fillers

These products come as the result of our deep know-how in functional polymer composites, and they are specially tailored to address customers’ specific device designs and encapsulation technology, comprising Thin Film Encapsulation (TFE). Active fillers are intended to fill the entire device free volume, giving an effective protection from moisture, enabled by their integrated getter content. For top emission devices, SAES has especially developed the AqvaDry™ family, with a transparency exceeding 96% over the entire optical spectrum: this transparency value does not change even after the getter has been fully saturated. The AqvaDry™ comes in many versions, spanning from the high viscosity ones to the ink-jet formulation, with a newer version especially developed for the flexible devices (AqvaDry™ OCA).

In TFE (Thin Film Encapsulation) structures, AqvaDry™ Ink has proved to be a performance enhancer, acting both as an organic planarization layer and a getter for moisture: the use of AqvaDry™ Ink as an active organic layer enables the use of fewer inorganic barrier layers (e.g. SiNx, SiOx), thus limiting the number of processing steps and the associated times and costs.

Besides the AqvaDry™, SAES provides other active fillers, specifically tailored upon the customers functional and processing requests, taking into account the specificity of each application and device architecture.




  • High gas sorption capacity
  • Stability and reliability
  • Multiple formulations to meet a variety of gas management requirements and process conditions
  • Curing processes compatible with all main encapsulation technology procedures, including thin film encapsulation
  • Particle free
  • Solvent free
  • Very high optical transparency for some formulations
  • Many viscosity ranges available


Final Applications

  • OLED encapsulation: Displays and Lighting
  • Organic and Plastic Electronics
  • Organic and Thin Film Photovoltaics
  • Low-end IR temperature sensors
  • Pico-projectors
  • Implantable Medical Devices
  • Electro-optical Modulators
  • Semiconductor Lasers
  • Microelectronic Amplifiers
  • General Electronic Encapsulated Devices
  • Energy Devices