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Almost all products require a certain type of protection from the external environment or a control and management of the internal environment. This translates into the need of packaging concepts that incorporate additional functional constituents, such as oxygen absorbers and other  gas barrier components, barrier films and barrier coatings. 

Flexible packaging is experiencing a faster growth compared with other sectors of the packaging industry. It matches in many cases the needs of containment and protection with the capability of reducing the amount and weight of packaging materials, making packaging itself more sustainable.

In fact, also packaging is raising a global concern about sustainability, while at the same time provides solutions to sustainability and value preservation. Without a proper packaging, as mentioned, the vast majority of products would suffer from damages and this is particularly true for perishable goods, whose best examples are food and beverages.

SAES Coated Films S.p.A., the Group’s new entry, result of the full acquisition of Metalvuoto S.p.A., consolidated player in the flexible packaging market  particularly for food applications,  aims at becoming a global player in sustainable packaging.
SAES Coated Films by its products, allows the reduction of CO2, thanks to the removal of aluminum and the reduction of thickness, and opens up the possibility of moving to a single material to achieve 100% recyclability.
Furthermore SAES Coated Films is able to develop and produce also compostable films with high barrier properties to oxygen, water vapor or active coating according to product requirements.

Focusing on the water-based coating deposition technology of Metalvuoto and SAES know-how in barrier coatings and analytical techniques, the Saes will foster the introduction of new, simplified packaging materials and concepts. The exploitation of the potentialities of advanced functional materials will attain packaging solutions with superior gas-barrier performance, for example by incorporating oxygen-absorber functionalities in the film formulation. At the same time, our coatings will allow for fully recyclable  solutions and, in combination with the proper substrates, for bio-degradable and compostable packages: the ultimate packaging solution to preserve both the goods and our planet.

And these concepts, whose initial domain of application is in the preservation of feedstock, can be applied also in other flexible packaging market segments, such as pharma, medical and electronics among others.

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