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The 1940s and 50s – The origins

The S.A.E.S. Group (Società Apparecchi Elettrici e Scientifici – Electrical and scientific components company) is created in 1940 in Florence, founded by the Tuscan engineer, Ernesto Gabrielli. Six years later the Della Porta and Canale families revise the company’s organizational asset, and in 1949 Paolo della Porta becomes a partner of the company before taking the full lead in 1952. It’s the start of an era of great innovations supported by the Research & Development lab. The Group opens up to the European market and the first agents are nominated in France, in Germany and in the UK. In 1957, the Group deposits the getter patent for television cathode-ray tubes – black and white first and colour to follow – kicking off production on an industrial scale.

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