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Our approach to an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Safety, Ethics


Saes Policy


Saes seeks to ensure continuous improvement and strong market leadership in the fields of vacuum technology for scientific and industrial applications of special metallurgy and materials science. We remain loyal to our traditional "core values" and are committed to building an Integrated Quality, Environmental, Safety and Ethics Management System founded on the fulfilment of the following principles:


  1. Continue Saes' global strategy of strong commitment to the development of innovative and state-of-the-art products through the use of modern and structured methodologies, with the goal to anticipate and satisfy customer needs and expectations, as well as demonstrate respect for environmental and safety concerns.

  2. Focus on profitable businesses as well as future product diversification to improve economic performance and achieve financial success

  3. Utilize the scientific knowledge and technical expertise within the Group and establish cooperative relations with customers and external institutions of excellence to develop products that effectively respond to the needs of a continuously evolving market.

  4. Adopt current and future international standards and norms on Quality, Environment and Safety to enhance a company-wide culture that respects human rights and ethical principles  

  5. Encourage continuous professional growth of all Saes's employees and active involvement in corporate objectives and plans, and provide all employees with a safe and rewarding work environment

  6. Develop a corporate culture strongly oriented to continuous improvement and supported bystructured processes, whose performances timely monitored in terms of efficacy and effectiveness.


Last update: September 9, 2005