making innovation happen, together

SAES®  Group focuses its business on the development and production of components and systems realized with active advanced materials, patented by SAES and used in many  industrial  and scientific applications.

Thanks to the wide technological portfolio and the strongly vertically integrated production processes SAES is recognized as world leader supplier of hi-tech, high quality and reliable solutions for:

• Scientific and industrial applications where stringent vacuum conditions or ultra-pure gases are required
Nitinol based shape memory products for the industrial and medical markets
• Organic electronic domain with the new generation of  functional polymer composites

SAES solutions based on getter technology, for more than seventy years,  have been fostering and supporting technological innovation in the information display and lighting industries, in ultra-high vacuum systems, in ultra-purity gas handling, in vacuum thermal insulated devices and  in a wide range of other hi-tech markets where  vacuum electronic devices are utilized.

By  leveraging  the  core  competence   in  special  metallurgy  and  material science,  the  SAES Group  has broadened its corporate vision to profitably grow and face the 21st challenges with an enlarged portfolio of technologies and products.
Since  2004  the  Group has expanded  its  business  in  the Shape Memory Alloys (Nitinol material) niche markets. Thanks to some acquisitions and significant investments in the Shape Memory Alloys technology, SAES Group has established the capability of supplying anything from ingots to finished products shaped as wires, tubes and tailor made stents components. Use of Nitinol is well known in biomedical applications but SAES introduced this material also in the automotive, domotics   and   consumer electronic   industries. Through Actuator Solutions, the JV created with Alfmeier Präzision, SAES Group has developed expertise and is now manufacturing and selling completely innovative actuators NiTinol based.

Other brilliant steps reached by SAES Group in recent years are the development of getters for MEMS, for microelectronic hermetically packaged devices,  and the development of  innovative hybrid technologies that integrate getter materials in polymer matrices.  These functional composites, initially focus on the development of dispensable dryers for organic electronics applications (in particular of the displays and light sources OLED: Organic Light Emitting Diodes), have subsequently evolved and have generated know-how and products with more capabilities.

In February 2010, was also set up the company ETC, a collaboration between CNR and SAES with SAES majority shareholder. In ETC has started an innovative program of applied research for the development of  functional materials for Organic Photonics and for the development of organic photonic devices to be used for niche applications.

The further development of this technological platform enabled the Group to realize SAES new functional polymer composites having not only properties of interaction with gases but also optical, mechanical and surface modification features depending on the requirements and applications of interest, as for example for implantable medical devices and food packaging.

    An outstanding Research & Development facility, based at the Group’s headquarters in Milan, Italy, is committed to technological excellence and keeps the Group at the forefront in innovation capability. On yearly basis SAES invests about 11% of its revenue on R&D and these efforts result in a number of patents and proprietary technology.

A total  production  capacity  distributed  over 10 manufacturing plants  spanning  3 continents,  over 1000 employees plus a worldwide based sales and service network allow the Group to combine multicultural  resources, skills and expertise  to form a truly global  enterprise,  capable of  best supporting  customers  around  the world,  24 hours a day.

Working together with the most advanced research centers and hi-tech companies, SAES Group has gradually developed innovative solutions for different applications that have enabled customers to achieve ambitious targets. We believe long-term relationships with customers are essential in order to timely meet their needs and develop solutions based on advanced technological competencies.

SAES Getters S.p.A., the headquarters of SAES Group, has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange Market since 1986.