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Into Smartphone

SAES is present in the technology we use every day: from smartphones to videogames

SAES is present in everyday technology. When using our smartphones for instance. Be it for work or entertainment we always wish to achieve the maximum level of efficiency. This may be obtained through controllers that enable the medium to develop high sensitivity to movement by "reading" our inputs via sensors.

SAES produces film getters (such as PaGe Wafer and PaGe Lid) that are utilized into components of   our smartphone, from gyroscopes (capable of reading a smartphone’s position such as its inclination) to accelerometers, from resonators to pressure sensors.

SAES also produces SMA actuators for AF (Autofocus) and OIS (Optical Image Stabilizers), that, thanks to their versatility, enable the reduction of module height, the adoption of new powerful lens and bigger sensors in a market asking for more and more reduced package sizes. 

This is why SAES is found everywhere in the technological world around us: in smartphone controllers, in Wii games and GPS systems.