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Product development

About engineering: from research to the market

Product development

In order to take full advantage of the materials we produce and design in the company, applied research and incremental innovation are key. In short: the engineering of components and systems is yet another core element that constitutes the SAES Getters know-how. 


We know how to adapt the different functions of the materials to the market’s requests, adjusting the scope of the research to the needs of over 2000 clients which range from Blue Chip companies to start-ups, from universities to the most advanced research centres located all over the world. 

These engineering skills enable us to answer current demands as well as anticipate unexplored needs. Through the implementation of a vertical approach during production our solutions have come to embody the potential of research activity to its fullest: from raw materials to the finished product, we guarantee maximum quality and adherence to specifications. 

This entire process has allowed for SAES to become a worldwide leader in hi-tech solutions for

  • Scientific and industrial components requiring vacuum conditions or ultra pure gases; 
  • NiTinol-based shape memory products used in industrial and medical sectors;
  • Functional polymeric compounds in organic electronics, food packaging and other industries.