making innovation happen, together

A living ecosystem that grows and breathes. This is SAES technology

The technology for SAES is a living ecosystem that grows, changes and breathes thanks to the activity of Research & Development, which innervates the company and is the lifeblood of its future.
SAES annually invests a high percentage of revenues in research, exploiting it into three strategic directions:

  • Radical Research: SAES invents new materials and new families of materials, supporting a long-term perspective that continuously puts the company on the edge of innovation and ensures future competitive advantages.
  • Incremental Research: SAES perfects the inventions and technologies, adapting them to the actual evolutionary needs of the market.
  • Product Development: SAES brings to market the full potential of research, reshaping and evolving products that have a unique value.

This is the SAES innovation scheme. A flexible, versatile and fast scheme, which creates synergies between the various technological fields. And whilst it guarantees the future, it also guarantees the present.