making innovation happen, together

The over 70 years history of success proves SAES total commitment to high quality research and innovation. Every year the Group allocates approximately 10% of sales revenues to these activities.


The Group founds its business on core competencies that have been acquired in over seventy years of activity, such as:

  • special metallurgy and vacuum technology
  • gas-surface interaction and know-how in UHP gas purification and analysis
  • material science and advanced material applications.


A deep understanding of the market needs guides SAES R&I; we highly value continuous relationships with industry key players through technology partnerships and alliances.


The SAES Group has been able to support customers cutting-edge applications with the development of highly innovative solutions.


The over 300 technologies patented and the hundreds of scientific publications confirm SAES Group’s continuous and unfaltering commitment to innovation, as well as testify a corporate policy firmly oriented to a strong intellectual property protection.