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The rising demand of cryogenic vessels or pipes for storage or transportation of different types of liquid gases (LNG, LOX, LH2, LN2, LCO2, LHe…) requires optimized performances, improved reliability, long lifetime and high safety.
LOTHAR+ is a metal-oxide formulation with the addition of a small quantity of Palladium. It is a mix of powders, supplied as loose powder, or in measured quantities in porous PET film bags. LOTHAR+ has the specific function to remove the Hydrogen load generated in the vacuum jacket of super-insulated cryogenic containers for the transportation and storage of different types of gases. LOTHAR+ can also sorb additional gas impurities like CO and other reducing gases.
LOTHAR+ is the best solution to balance efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness of vacuum jackets for cryogenic tanks and pipes.



  • High safety
  • Cost-effective
  • 1 gram of LOTHAR+ has the same H2 sorption capacity as 0.36 grams of PdO
  • Ready to use when supplied in PET bags
  • No activation required
  • Sorption of H2, CO and reducing gases



  • Super-insulated tanks for storage/transportation LNG, LOX, LH2, LN2, LCO2, LHe
  • Super-insulated pipes
  • Super-insulated dewars for use in laboratories or hospitals
  • Tanks of LNG fueled vehicles
  • Tanks of H2 fueled vehicles
  • Liquid Oxygen portable units
  • Other cryogenic applications
  • Vacuum applications in which removal of H2 impurities is needed