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MicroSeal is a UV curable dispersion of irreversible moisture getter in an epoxy matrix. It is designed to work as an active edge sealant.

MicroSeal is suitable for air processing, because of its low sorption kinetics. After deposition, the uncured glue can be exposed to air for a maximum of 1 hour loosing part of its getter capacity.

This is a very versatile, low WVTR adhesive for semi-hermetically sealed devices, which adds getter properties to its high barrier performances.


  • Compatible with any surface
  • Air-printable
  • Very high barrier properties
  • An active edge sealant which keeps moisture out of sensitive packages
  • UV curing formulation
  • Very high adhesion performances



  • Semi-hermetic packages
  • Optoelectronics and Microelectronics
  • Medical devices