In order to improve and maintain the vacuum environment inside hermetically sealed devices, the getters materials play a pivotal role: the getter material can sorb all active gasses such as O2, H2O, CO, CO2 and N2 by a chemical reaction under vacuum.

Depending on the final applications and the production processes, different getter metallic alloys and shapes have been developed, also in cooperation with customers, to fit all the possible getter technical requirements.


SAES is offering the following getter types:

Hydrogen getters featuring high sorption capacity, in multiple configurations and without need of activation, ideal for the applications of microelectronics and energy storage.

Evaporable getters, from the first stable barium-aluminium alloy to the nitrogen doped BaAl4 for uniform barium distribution, SAES evaporable getters are the solution for a variety of sealed off devices like x-ray tubes, electronic tubes, solar tubes and CRTs.

Thin films, specifically designed for MEMS packaging, either at wafer and discrete levels, featuring high capacity, long term stability and multiple configurations. For IR sensors, gyros, timing devices and resonators among the various applications where thin film getters are the ideal solution.

Thick films, realized in hundreds of configuration for customized end use, high porosity layered getters on metallic substrates ideal when high gettering rate is needed in small space, with application for photomultipliers, image intensifiers, first generation MEMS.

Non evaporable getters (NEG), a general category of getters, covering pills, strips, passively and actively heated getters, with different degree of porosity and sorption performance, available in a broad variety of design and functionality. For lamps, electronic tubes, solar collectors, vacuum insulated devices, sensors and more.