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The use of Shape Memory Alloys for actuation represents a technological opportunity for the development of electro-mechanical components: the typical characteristic of Shape Memory Alloy wires of ensuring mechanical actions if stimulated with electrical current allows the development of simple, more compact and reliable actuators.

By leveraging the core competence in special metallurgy and industrial high volume production capabilities, SAES, as a Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) world leading supplier and manufacturer, offers a highly diversified product portfolio of SMA trained wires, springs and components, able to satisfy the specific requirements of any industrial application.

The unique property of shape memory alloys to recover shape upon heating can be effectively packaged into compact, light, powerful and silent actuators to replace alternative technologies based on wax, DC motors and electrical motors. Component makers can use SMA materials to simplify products, add new functions, upgrade performances, improve reliability and cut down component costs, while significantly reducing mechanical complexity, size and weight.

The unmatched energy density, degree of integration and simplicity in design make shape memory alloys the new industry standard for linear and rotary actuators. SmartFlex actuator elements deliver state-of-the-art performance for reliable actuators.

SMA actuators offer a full range of advantages:

• Reliability
• Compactness and flexibility
• Reduced cost
• Direct linear or angular movement
• Noiseless operation
• Compatibility with harsh environments
• No Electromagnetic emission