making innovation happen, together


SAES is with us in every moment of our daily lives, bringing real and concrete benefits

Improving the quality of our life. This is what SAES breakthroughs are for. Even though it often goes unseen,  what developed by SAES Research & Development Labs. is present  into everyday life, actually bringing concrete and measurable benefits

Energy and economic savings as well as human health improvements are just some of the benefits brought by SAES technologies. They live integrated within the technological tools that surround us, improving our smartphone’s performance, for instance, or the efficiency of a medial appliance we may be in need of.

This is how advanced materials take shape and become part of our life. It happens every day, every time we use tools or objects that are familiar to us. And it can happen anywhere: in the car as we wait at a red light ready to drive off to work, in the office as we attend our international meetings or, more simply, as we sit at home watching TV. SAES is with us in every moment of our daily lives. Even though it may go unseen, it stands by us at all times.