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The advancement of technology in the home is a fundamental part of improving our day-to-day life. SAES provides the smallest, most lightweight and reliable actuators based on NiTi material for different moving parts in air management systems in homes and within white goods. Other applications of NiTi actuators are electrical and thermal valves, vent control and actuation, water mixing devices, anti-scald device, safety or anti-theft systems, electrical dispenser, safety cut offs sensors, door opening, electronic locks and cut off temperature controllers.


SAES is also contributing to other functionalities in the domestic environment:

  • Traditional getters are used in water heaters on the roof;
  • Hot Melt adhesives with embedded driers (H-Dry) are used in building integrated photovoltaic modules;
  • Dispensable getter composites are used in ultra slim OLED TVs;
  • Traditional or thin film getters are used in infrared surveillance cameras;
  • Thin film getters at silicon wafer level (PageWafer) are used in gaming consoles;
  • Sophisticated getters are used in vacuum insulated panels inside energy saving refrigerators and inside the walls of energy saving houses;
  • Traditional getters are used in vacuum insulated pots and bottles.



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