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Medicine is utilizing more and more devices, either implantable or not implantable, based on new and high performing materials such as Nitinol to defeat many diseases.

Memry, a SAES company, is a world leader in medical and industrial applications requiring Nitinol alloys and complex manufacturing processes.

With decades of steadily increasing competency in Nitinol vacuum metallurgy, Memry partners with customers developing advanced materials and providing design assistance for components utilizing Nitinol in all major medical markets spanning from Interventional cardiology, Radiology and Neuroradiology, Cardiovascular surgery, Laparoscopic surgery to Orthopaedics, Urology, Gastrointestinal and Dental.

Memry can offer Angioplasty balloon shafts, stents, coils, delivery systems, valve seizers, tissue retractors, bone staples, screws, suture retrievers, snares, graspers, sinus implants, arch wires, orthodontic clips and more. The shape memory alloys characteristics of Nitinol are also used in medical devices and tools.


In case of implantable medical devices powered by a battery such as pacemakers, hearing aids and neuro-fibrillators, SAES is developing advanced dispensable driers and hydrogen getters to assure high reliability and long lifetime to the devices.


SAES is also involved in the medical imaging industry: sophisticated getters are used in the majority of X-rays tubes and small dispenser cathodes can be potentially adopted in specific X-ray applications. Alkali metal dispensers are the current standard alkali source for the bi-alkali photocathodes of X-ray Image Intensifiers. SAES is also creating the future technical and commercial foundations in the flat solid state medical image intensifier by developing and supplying advanced dispensable driers and edge sealant with getter materials.




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