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Nobody can imagine living today without artificial light: SAES has been involved in all the development steps of the lighting industry over the last 60 years. The lighting Industry has always leveraged getters in order to improve performances and achieve longer lifetime for many types of lamps

This application continues to see active involvement, leadership and innovation from the SAES, whose technology in this field has moved from Evaporable getters to Non-Evaporable Getters (NEG) greatly supporting the lamp industry to achieve better performances under increasingly stringent requirements.


SAES has also introduced advanced mercury dispensers for fluorescent lamps, and these products are widely used by the majority of key lamp manufacturers. Governmental organizations and industry associations are continuously setting more severe Hg dosing parameters to protect the environment, and SAES technology is there at the lamp manufacturers' side to support them in fully complying with these regulations.

SAES Getters is also actively contributing to the development of the new generation of solid state Light Sources, such as LEDs and OLEDs, by offering innovative materials solutions.


Strong partnerships with state of the art development centres and acquisition of the new specific knowledge are the basis to future success of SAES. SAES is working closely with lamp manufacturers and is actively involved in improving the existing products and in supporting customers' development projects. Thanks to this strategy in the lighting industry, the products of SAES can be found in all kinds of light sources for industrial (plants, office), commercial (window shops, mall) and domestic applications.

At its Headquarters, SAES has a laboratory dedicated to the application of getters to lamps and specifically aimed at understanding the getter interaction with the lamp environment and at developing new products.




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