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Scientific Equipment and Research Facilities

Scientific Equipment and Research Facilities

Vacuum has been and still is the main environment where the majority of SAES products provide unsurpassed performances since more than 70 years.


SAES develops and supplies compact, high performance Non Evaporable Getter (NEG) pumps and solutions for a variety of different high and ultra-high vacuum applications encompassing:

• General purpose UHV- XHV systems,
• Particle accelerators and synchrotrons,
• Surface science equipment,
• Material preparation and characterization systems,
• Portable systems (e.g. mass spectrometers, analyzers, vacuum suitcases),
• Scanning /transmission electron microscopes,
• Electron/ion beam systems for semiconductor inspection and testing,
• Atom trapping experiments.
• Any type of vacuum sealed-off device


Over the decades, SAES has gained a strong scientific and technical reputation in the field of vacuum technologies at the most important Academic Institutions and Research Laboratories worldwide.