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General selection criteria should consider


  • pump installation options (flanged and flangeless), getter material (porous sintered or compressed NEG, thin film),
  • gas to be pumped
  • pump operative pressure.

Refer to the table below for general guidelines. SAES can provide its expertise through its highly skilled technical personnel to identify together the proper solution.

Table 1

Pump installation

Pump models/lines

Selection criterions


CapaciTorr, NEXTorr, SorbAC getter cartridge pumps

Easy “plug-in” installation


ZAO Wafer modules, Sorb AC modules

In situ pumping and maximization of effective pumping speed


Table 2

Getter type

Pump models/lines

Selection criterions

Porous Sintered NEG

CapaciTorr, NEXTorr , ZAO Wafer modules

Dust sensitive applications

High pumping performance

Compressed NEG


Low end applications

Thin film NEG

Sputtered NEG coating

Low conductance vacuum chambers


Table 3 *(H2, H2O, CO, CO2, O2, N2) ** (CH4, NOBLE GASES)

             Gas to be pumped

Pressure Level






(FROM 1E-7Pa to 1E-12Pa)


CapaciTorr® Z

UHV wafer modules

NEXTorr ®



(1Pa transient-1E-6 Pa stationary)

 CapaciTorr ® HV

 HV wafer modules

 NEXTorr ® HV


General selection criteria should consider