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Shape Memory Alloys Components

Shape Memory Alloys materials are capable of remembering a previously memorized shape and exert a useful force or support very high deformations, up to 10%, thanks to their Superelasticity properties.

Component makers can use Smartflex wires and springs to simplify products, add new functions, upgrade performance, improve reliability and cut down component costs, while significantly reducing mechanical complexity and size.



  • Wide range of activation temperatures
  • Compression or Tensile Shape Memory Alloys Springs
  • SAES SmartFlex trained wires are qualified every centimeter in terms of electromechanical performances
  • SAES SmartFlex trained wires have been specifically developed for actuators
  • Replace electrical motors, solenoids or wax actuators
  • Unusual ability to accommodate large strains
  • Compatibility with the human body


Final Applications

SmartFlex Springs
  • Thermo-valves and thermostatic actuators
  • Anti-scald devices
  • Mixing valves
  • Active air vents
  • Fire protection device
  • Indirect heating activation
  • Thermal sensor and actuator simultaneously
SmartFlex Wires
  • Linear movements of  few millimeters
  • Angular movements of just few degrees
  • Wire based damping devices
  • Antennas
  • Fiber reinforced composites
  • Smart textiles

Medical Application

Shape Memory Alloys components  are widely used in medical markets and applications. Our sister company, Memry, has extensive experience in medical applications.

Visit Memry website at the following link to know more about our superelastic components:


Crimping Solutions

If your application requires an electro-mechanical termination we can offer different crimp solutions according to your requirements. Our standard solutions are specified below. For new design we are available to study and develop customized parts. Crimped SmartFlex wires can be ordered both for prototypes and large volume production.

Barrel crimps
for wires from 50 mm to 200 mm
Ring-type crimps
for wires from 200 mm to 300 mm
Rounded crimps
for wires from 300 mm
to 500 mm









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