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CapaciTorr HV

CapaciTorr HV

CapaciTorr® HV pumps use the new sintered porous getter alloy ZAO.®.  Due to the ability of ZAO to sorb large amount of air, water and CO/CO2, the CapaciTorr HV is the first NEG pump which can be routinely used in the high vacuum regime (i.e., 10-7 - 10-9 Torr). 

To achieve this, the CapaciTorr HV pump is operated at moderate temperature (150-200°C).

The operation temperature and the peculiar nature of the ZAO alloy allow reactivating the pump after a very long operation period. 

If required, the pump can also be used at room temperature in UHV environments. Pumps are available in CF35, CF63, CF150, and CF200 flanges. The pumping speed for H2 ranges between 210 l/s and 2100 l/s.  The pumping speeds and capacities for water and air are also remarkably high.  

The pump is provided with an external housing to stabilize the pump temperature and minimize the power consumption during operation (5-50 W, depending on the model). Versions without the housing are also available. The NEG cartridge can be easily replaced once saturated.



•    High pumping speeds for all active gases.
•    Operation at moderate temperatures for HV applications with high gas loads.
•    Room temperature operation, in UHV systems, is also possible.
•    High sorption capacity and increased lifetime in the high vacuum regime.
•    Constant pumping speed in the HV and UHV-XHV pressure regions.
•    Compact design and low weight.
•    No interference with magnetic fields.
•    Oil free and vibration free operation.
•    Minimal power consumption during the operation (i.e., 5 – 50 W).



•    Particle accelerators for basic research, medical and industrial applications.
•    Thin film deposition equipment in high vacuum.
•    Vacuum processing systems
•    Molecular beam epitaxy systems
•    General high vacuum system requiring fast pump downs, short down-time as well as large pumping speed and capacity for air and water.
•    SEM, TEM, FIB analytical systems.