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Active Barrier Sealants

Active Barrier Sealants

OLED and other advanced electronics materials are extremely sensitive to oxidizing agents and, especially, to moisture. OLED encapsulation requires sealing materials with exceptionally gas barrier properties. SAES active barrier sealants combine very low WVTR (Water Vapour Transmission Rate) with the getter function, in order to enable OLED encapsulation with very long breakthrough times and an even more robust protection from the incoming flux of water. Our active barrier sealants portfolio is built upon the specific functional and process requirements of our customers' specific encapsulation technology.

Besides the ZeoGlue®, eGloo and MicroSeal, a fully flexible active sealant (FlexGloo) completes the set of encapsulation technology solutions for curved, bendable, stretchable devices. Combining good gas barrier properties of a glassy epoxy system with an increased polymer chain mobility is not trivial and our R&D has designed a new advanced functional material by addressing to the structure of the polymer backbone, the distribution of molecular weights, the glass transition temperature, the optimized dispersion of tailor-made getter particles: this made the FlexGloo a really valuable option for the emerging sector of Plastic Electronics.

SAES is also involved in the development of advanced functional materials to provide solutions improving Thin Film Encapsulation technology: please see the “Active Fillers” section for more details.


  • Very high gas barrier properties and getter function (breakthrough time)
  • Stability and reliability
  • Multiple formulations to meet a variety of encapsulation requirements and process conditions
  • Curing processes compatible with all main encapsulation technology procedures, in particular OLED encapsulation
  • Particle free
  • Solvent free
  • Possibility to dispense also in ambient conditions
  • Fully flexible versions available

Final Applications

  • OLED encapsulation: Displays and Lighting
  • Organic and Plastic Electronics
  • Organic and Thin Film Photovoltaics
  • General Photovoltaics
  • Implantable Medical Devices
  • General Electronic Encapsulated Devices
  • Energy Devices

SAES solutions for active barrier sealants include also thermoplastic materials with moisture-blocking properties. To match  the encapsulation technology requirements of the Renewable Energies sector and other applications requiring a flexible edge sealant, SAES is proposing a Hot Melt Functional Compound featuring Pressure Sensitive Adhesion (PSA). H-Dry™ can efficiently block water vapor permeation in PV modules thanks to the finely dispersed getter particles into its elastomeric matrix.

Hot-Melt Edge Sealants Highlights

  • exceptionally long break-through time for H2O penetration (more than 2500 hours in Damp Heat Test conditions for a 10 mm wide tape)
  • best in class electric insulation properties
  • very good UV stability
  • best mechanical stability of PV modules, especially in the temperature range between 60 and 100°C
  • very good adhesion to glass and plastic backsheets
  • best aesthetic appearance