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NEXTorr - StarCell

NEXTorr - StarCell

The NEXTorr® - StarCell® pump is a new model in the NEXTorr pump family, combining the sintered NEG technology by SAES with the highly reputed StarCell ION pump by Agilent Technologies.

A getter cartridge acts as the main UHV pump, featuring 500 or 1000 l/s speed for H2, while a custom compact 20 l/s StarCell Sputter ION Pump (SIP) removes inert gases, not pumped by the NEG.  NEXTorr - StarCell delivers an excellent performance combination for getterable gases, noble gas species, and methane.



  • High pumping speed and capacity for all active gases
  • Constant pumping speed for active gases in UHV-XHV
  • Pumping speed for noble gases and methane with enhanced capacity
  • StarCell ION element
  • Minimal power requirement during operations
  • Compact and light pump
  • Reduced magnetic interference
  • Oil free and vibration free
  • Able to measure pressures lower than 10-9 mbar

Typical Applications

  • Particle Accelerators
  • UHV-XHV Laboratory equipment
  • Surface science equipment
  • Portable Instrumentation