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Saes is specialized in the development and supply of advanced functionalized materials. SAES Non Evaporable Getter (NEG) technology has been developed for over 70 years, and given the long experience of supplying NEG pumps for over 40 years. Synchrotron radiation sources and particle accelerators are two of the main fields where SAES NEG pumps are used.

The main characteristics of NEG pumps are the following:

1) reliable and compact NEG pumps for the main ring and other location in Synchrotrons and Particle Accelerators;

2) quick pumpdown by ZAO NEG alloy (NEG pumps activation can start at 1 Pa);

3) no interference with the vacuum system in terms of magnetic interference and particle generation;

4) small footprint and powerful pumping performance of NEG pumps which can help the redesign of the vacuum experimental layout.

SAES NEG pumps can address all these issues thanks to the compact design and the excellent performing pumps.

Wide range of SAES NEG pumps experiences and innovations in SYNCHROTRON RADIATION SOURCE and PARTICLE ACCELERATOR can be found in the literature here posted. Not only pumps, we present NEG coating applications. Don’t miss it!