Vortex is one of the two winning startups of the first call of RedZone by SAES, the acceleration program dedicated to startups operating in the field of materials science.

Vortex was born in 2020 from the idea of ​​the two founders Lorenzo Picco and Simone Piccolo to build a business model inspired by the pillars of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The startup aims to find innovative solutions for agri-food by-products, both from an environmental and economic point of view, by ennobling them (upcycling) for the food, nutraceutical and petfood sectors.

Vortex has already created a cosmetic brand validated on the market under the name NASTE Beauty. Discover NASTE shop.

RedZone and Vortex

Vortex’s development plan finds strong points of contact with the Open Labs’ technological platforms as their business initiative has many synergies with SAES’ vision of the future.

Within RedZone, Vortex will have the possibility of introducing an extract (an active ingredient) coming from the ennoblement of waste from the agri-food industry into capsules made with biological materials, always supported and guided by SAES technician.

The objective of the project is both to create a market MVP of an effective anti-acne product, sustainable and totally organic and to evaluate the application of the same technology in the B2B market.

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